Media & Fundraising

A side by side set of images, left is image 1 and right is image2. 
Image 1 is a golden retriever service dog standing in a brightly lit paleontology lab. She faces the camera with a content and open-mouthed smile and she is wearing a white lab coat, grey boots, clear goggles, and a black service dog vest with white and mint green text. The background shows bright yellow cabinets set under a lab bench. Lap wheels and small precision saws for rock and fossil cutting are arranged on the lab bench. The floor is pale tan concrete.
Image 2 shows a white woman kneeling on pale greyish tan rock outcrop in a badlands-like setting. The woman has brown hair pulled back into a pony-tail that is pulled through the opening at the back of a faded pink baseball cap. She wears blue reflective sunglasses, a pale blue lightweight button up shirt, grey field pants, hiking boots, and a brown leather belt with a tan hip pouch containing field geology supplies. A portion of sandstone and silt outcrop sits just behind the woman's right shoulder and a rugged landscape of outcroppings and sparsely vegetated slopes stretches out behind her. The woman holds her hands up very close to her face to examine a small fossil fragment with a hand lense.
Left – Basil in full service dog PPE (lab coat, goggles, boots). Right – Jade sits on an exposed outcrop and examines fossil fragment with a hand lens