Hi there! I’m a vertebrate paleontologist interested in the growth, diversity, and ecology of both extinct theropod dinosaurs and their modern relatives – birds! For a quick overview of what I’m working on at the moment, check out the Research tab.

A white woman kneels behind a photography stand in a paleontology lab. The woman has blue eyes and dark brown hair with side bangs, oversized glasses are set atop her head. She peaks over the photo stand with raised eyebrows and wide eyes. The photostand is covered with a black cloth and a large fossil foot of a theropod dinosaur is laid out on it with the toe tips and claws facing the camera. A brown and white scale bar sits to the left of the specimen. The background is dark but a covered microscope, lab sink, and a few bottles of liquid are present on the lab bench behind the woman.
Hanging out with one of my favorite fossil feet – Macrophalangia canadensis, a large Caenagnathid oviraptorosaur. Photo Credit Danielle Dufault

While I don’t blog much on this site (yet), you can read a bit more about my work in this guest blog post I wrote for the Seattle, Washington Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture while visiting their vertebrate paleontology collections in 2017.